In the 21st century view of addiction there is a new and quickly emerging way of approaching this issue: Trauma as the base to addictive behaviour.

This means that addiction and it’s associated behaviour is given another cause, it is not necessary to look at it as a disease. The disease model is very much how addiction has been viewed and treated since the mid-twentieth century. It is a handle that makes the addict a sick human being, there is no compassion in the diagnosis, no way out.

The new approach looks at Trauma as the root.

Trauma comes in many forms, the main three being generational, gestational and experienced.

Combine trauma with the 5 forms of abuse and the resulting behaviours, usually dragged from how we learned to cope as kids, become “addictions”. They are in fact, tools to cope with reality.

During the training we explore the 3 forms of trauma and the 5 types of abuse, the resulting shames, and spend most of the last section or the 3rd module, looking at tools for recovery.

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