I have made this website to be a resource for those out there owning an Addictive Personality, looking for tools for both relapse prevention and for long-term recovery.

Two seemingly different things, but in fact I feel that many of the issues are the same, just the sense of urgency changes.

In early recovery, the maze of feelings can be terrifying. Using anything addictively or to the point of suffering, numbs the senses, the history, the ability to handle our own feelings, and that is the point of using. So the tools can be seen as ways to create damage limitation, a way of making a transformation in how we feel, for the better, not for the worse.

In long-term recovery the issues are still around anger, fear, stress and mind management, but the urgency changes into a recognition that the disease requires respect on a daily basis and how to avoid its pulls, tips and tricks is a challenge rather than a panic stricken drama.

I have a backbone to all that I teach: I will support you in all decisions that you make for life and health.

Use the tools, find what works for you, what supports you in your journey towards wholeness and relapse prevention.

This site is laden with resources. In the weblog, the films, the tips that change on a weekly basis, my classes and workshops, the suggested reading and watching, and the links to YouTube where my channel is filled with all manner of free resources, the amazing page where my DVDs are available to purchase and the link to my counselling work.

Email me for more information   Recovery: A life worth living.

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