I have all the information I need in order to make my decision to participate in this training. By making any fee payment and / or attending any of the training events for this course, I accept these Terms and Conditions.

  1. I am contracted to make my fee payments as scheduled on page 1 of this document. I understand that I may be required to refrain from attending training events if my fee payments fall in arrears.
  2. I also understand that I may be asked to refrain from attending training events if Devotion Trading Ltd considers that any of the criteria below apply in my case:
  • my behaviour on the course is deemed inappropriate (such as an ethical code violations);
  • my contributions to the group or my conceptual/theoretical understanding is below the academic standard necessary;
  • my pattern of attendance is sporadic or I arrive late/leave early training events repeatedly;
  • I fail to adhere to the terms of this contract.
  1. I will abide by the Equal Opportunities Code adopted by Devotion Trading Ltd: Devotion Trading Ltd believes that each individual has the right to be heard, seen and respected on this training. We value and actively engage with diversity of culture, race, religion, gender, age, sexuality and ability / disability.
  2. I will abide by the Complaints Procedure adopted by Devotion Trading Ltd. In the event of any complaint, a written submission must be made to the directors of the company. A meeting may be held between the directors and the complainant. The directors will investigate the complaint, involving input from the course tutor(s). The directors will make best endeavours to resolve the issue to the complainant’s satisfaction. The directors’ decision will be final.
  3. I agree to adhere to (please name your own Code of Ethics and Practice)
  4. I acknowledge that English law governs this agreement.
  5. I verify the information I have submitted in my application.
  6. I accept that I will receive the course award only if I meet the criteria described on the website of www.theaddictivepersonality.co.uk. If I do not meet these criteria, I understand that I will receive a CPD certificate of attendance instead – unless at my own cost and in my own time I agree remedial action with Devotion Trading Ltd.
  7. Devotion Trading Ltd fully intends to deliver the training programme as advertised. However, in the event of unforeseen circumstances or factors outside the organiser’s control, such as but not limited to factors affecting availability of tutor or venue, Devotion Trading Ltd reserves the right to alter the dates, content, tutors or format of the course, while using best endeavours to maintain the intended material and style as far as possible. No refunds will be given under any such circumstances.
  8. The course is intentionally multidisciplinary and multicultural. You will be expected to give and receive responsible feedback and to support each other emotionally.
  9. The course can at times be emotionally demanding; throughout the training, students will need to be able to draw upon appropriate support from their personal environment outside the course. On recommendation of course directors, students may need to enter personal therapy to acquire additional support.
  10. In line with the course philosophy and principles of adult learning, the course has a strong experiential component and group involvement. Didactic teaching may be complemented by exercises in pairs, live supervision, triads and plenary, guided reading, self-, peer- and tutor evaluation and written assignments.
  11. To maximise your own learning benefit and to facilitate the potency of the course environment, you are expected to attend punctually all scheduled training events.
  12. A minimum of 90% attendance is required in order to receive the course award. A certificate of attendance will be given to students who attend less than 85% of the taught course. Alternatively, at the discretion of the course director, students attending less than 85% of the taught course may undertake additional tutorials, reading or written assignments, in their own time and at their own cost, in order to reach the required level to attain the award. Any such programme of additional work must be agreed with the course director.
  13. Devotion Trading Ltd courses are provided in the spirit of a vocation, accepting that the learning process is formative rather than informative; it involves the critical examination of personally held beliefs, attitudes, language and behaviours. In line with this students need to be able to undertake a rigorous self-examination of their work and practice.
  14. I acknowledge that I have read and understood the following information:
  • In exceptional circumstances lectures may be changed at short notice.
  • Additional workshops or seminars may be offered to students throughout the course.
  • Reading lists may be augmented by reading material distributed by e-mail, as appropriate; please add these to the course handbook.
  • All course material is confidential to this course and may not be distributed or photocopied without permission of the course directors. Those documents carrying explicit permission may be given out to clients.
  1. Devotion Trading Ltd expects students:
  • to honour the subjectivity of the training experience;
  • to respect commonly understood boundaries, and conduct themselves at all times in accord with their professional status and in such a way that neither undermines public confidence in the process or profession of yoga nor brings it into disrepute;
  • to refrain from commenting adversely on the conduct of other professionals including your peers, the course directors, faculty members and supervisors. There are properly constituted procedures for raising concerns about the course
  • to respect the status of all other professionals and the boundaries of their professional remits;
  • to demonstrate their ability to work with a wide variety of people, professional backgrounds, sexual orientation, class, age, relationship status as evidenced through active participation in teaching;
  • to take care of their behaviour in peer group sessions – with due regard to confidentiality and respect.
  • to meet the minimum attendance requirements recognising that minimum attendance per se may not be sufficient to be fully available for support from your peers and tutors;
  • to support the course through formal evaluation processes and whenever required to draw attention to areas of personal or interpersonal conflict or when teaching is deemed to be insufficient. It is not appropriate to undermine course or faculty by making pejorative remarks. There are procedures for addressing any concerns and students are required to take these routes;
  • to be aware that leaving early during an afternoon will be noted and will affect overall attendance requirements. This also applies to any lateness i.e. arriving late in the morning or returning late from tea breaks or lunch.