There are many schools of thought about the causes of addiction. Is it nature? Perhaps nurture? Or maybe just plain old opportunity……
Most of my experience says that it is trauma based, the roots lie in our attachments, early bonding experiences, histories with stories of abandonment, neglect, fear and abuse in all the 5 forms: Sexual, physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual.
We discover drugs and or alcohol when we are very young, usually, and find that something in these substances makes us forget, open up, let go, loose control and suddenly life is easier, we are funny, we can talk, engage. This relief can be fleeting, just a few years of using before the pain is too loud to drown out or it can be many years before we find that we are drowning in our history and all that we used no longer works.
Along the way we may meet sex, either willingly or unwillingly. For many, it is not such a pleasant experience and this, too leaves marks, emotional sores and a history that colours our reality.
Recovery from substance addiction is a slow and painful process. It can be a miraculous relief, it can be a Divine Intervention, I know my own recovery felt like this, but after euphoria has worn off, and we have been sober for a while, we meet a very different monster within.

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