This is where addiction, the addictive nature, abuse, neglect, rejection, shame and trauma all converge.

Anxiety is a title that not many will happily or willingly own but it is also epidemic, as an experience, in our society now.

Hidden deep, deep down inside ourselves we hold a notion that there is, actually, an upbringing or a reality that is perfection personified. We hold ourselves up to this mythical perfection and find ourselves wanting, lacking, not enough.

Combine this lack of sense of self with our deepest shames that we hold onto, tightly, for those who decided that shaming us would make them feel more powerful, and you have the perfect ingredients for anxiety and stress.

Play a game with me: next time you feel stressed or anxious, take dictation from your internal voices. What are telling yourself? How are you destroying yourself with the endless internal dialogue that continues, relentlessly, the moment you feel shamed, rejected, less-than, worthless, not-up-to-the-task…..

All of these aspects of the internal self make up the addictive personality. Anxious thinking, self destructive thoughts, self-hatred and the raft of self-harming and self-defeating behaviours that we have constructed as a survival mechanism for ourselves, create the addictive personality.

The trainings that I run along with other respected therapists, teachers, trainers in similar fields give you tools to manage your mind, your physical responses, and to build up to enable you to gain your sense of self.

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