Shame lies at the core of the Addictive Personality: the absolute loathing of the self.

Personally, I am fascinated by Shame.

Decades of therapy, literally, and it was never mentioned, never looked at, never named, never discussed.

Yet each time I felt “triggered”, anxious, overwhelmed, unable to cope, fell into self-loathing, depression or hopelessness, it was Shame that sat on me, Shame that was unleashed, Shame that drove deep inside the core of me and shredded my sense of self and unleashed torrents of self-hatred.

Naming Shame is liberation. Seeing where we hold Shame is the key to recovery. During the training we do some Shame work. It is a painful and at times frightening process, but the experience, in group, is one of complete liberation. It can be followed by Shame that you feel Shame, but the un-named monster has been named and from there, the journey is onwards and upwards.

I run 3 day Shame workshops in various countries and there is usually one on the horizon, somewhere. Take a look at my personal website for a current list of events.

The core of recovery lies in identifying and working with your Shame. This is the path to liberation.

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