This is a broad term covering behaviours that are the result of feelings of self-loathing and a manifestation of deeply internalised shame.

Take a look at some of the other boxes in the themes and you may find you can identify with some of them. Bulimia, Anorexia and the Trauma boxes may yield more information.

The term self-harm can cover all manner of behaviours and it does include the above but also can be seen in poverty-thinking, self-denial, obsessive management of food, overstating of the body, particularly the face and neck.

Financial issues such as extreme debt, gambling and shopping can be considered self-harm, too.

Hoarding, lack of clean clothes or washing, trading sex for drugs or one’s keep, the list is long and the behaviours can be difficult to spot.

It is a term that describes behaviours linked with a sever lack of self-care and awareness. Shame lies at the core: the absolute loathing of the self – It’s a work in progress.

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