“The gambler” produces, for me, an image of someone in a dark smoky room, a man, playing cards with a massive pile of money beside him…..

Sadly this is not the reality of how most of us look, behave or deal in our gambling addiction.

Gambling comes in many forms including debt, shopping, poker, property dealings, the Stock Market, buying gold and lying to the government.

The problem with gambling is that on all levels it is risk-taking and so, is very high intensity, very extreme hormone swings. Get it right, and the rewards can be astronomical. Get it wrong and the ripples can drown not just you but all those with whom you are financially associated and love. It may not matter to you that you cannot pay back a credit card, but when the bailiff comes and takes your possessions the problem is suddenly no longer just personal to you.

We are encouraged to gamble all the time. Anger at the government can make benefit cheating seem appropriate: easy money, feeling like a victim. Buying gold as it hikes it’s merry way upwards only to find you have been burgled or the price had plummeted, a mad shopping spree whilst feeling down or angry.

You can see that it is not just horses, cards and dice that beguile the gambler, and the road is one of extremes, the ends are not happy.

GA and Debtors Anonymous are excellent routes out of the mire. And then using yoga and meditation to manage the lows that you inevitably feel when you stop acting out. It does not take long for hormone levels to normalise, and they will, but staying away from risky behaviours, people and places that trigger you to want to play, financially, are all good ways to manage the addiction.

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