Is this training similar to Superhealth?  SuperHealth is a training that is solely based upon the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, what he actually said about addiction. It is firmly rooted in Kundalini Yoga, works with detox and recovery processes, including the different aspects of the mind. The Superhealth model does not look at addiction and recovery in a broader sense. There is no teaching around SMART Recovery, 12 Step work, harm minimisation or working with clients on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, for example. The MAP TT uses a very different basis upon which to work with recovery.

Is this training like Recovery 2.0? Or Beyond Addiction? The MAP TT is different to both of the above trainings. Again, both are Kundalini based, and use the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, Kriyas and meditations taught by him. But the basic recovery model is completely different to either of the above programmes. Neither of them are Teacher Trainings, and so do not address the wider issues involved in recovery.

What kind of addictions will we look at on the training? We will look at all addictions including “sex addiction” and ChemSex, cutting, gambling and intensity etc.

Will it change my recovery? Will I learn about my own recovery? This training is very personal. The concepts and experiences contained within it will fundamentally change how you view your own recovery, how you look at the mind, how you practice yoga & meditation and how you work with your own addictive processes, long-term. So yes, big yes.

I am not a Kundalini teacher, can I use it with my other training? This training is cross-platform. The concepts taught will cover all types of yoga training.

I am not a certified yoga teacher. Will this training qualify me to teach yoga? If you are planning to go on to do a Level 1 teacher training in your chosen form of yoga you can then take the exam, and upon passing, certify to teach Mastering the Addictive Personality yoga classes in prisons, rehabs, halfway houses and yoga centres.

I would like you to teach this in my country. I can bring the training to anywhere in the world, I old give you a business model to make it work in your country, financially, for both you and I. I would need a minimum of 18 people to run the course and my flights, accommodation and teaching fees would be part of the expenses that would need to be covered.

Can I become a Teacher Trainer? Can I run my own training? Yes, once you qualify to teach you can then go on to train as a trainer. I have set up a mentoring programme. It is not based on a KRI model, it is an empowering, liberating model that allows you to spread these teachings, globally.

Once I certify and set up a class can I be listed on the MAP TT website? Yes! Once your class is set up, send the details to me with an image and I will give you your own listing.

I am pregnant. Can I do the training? This training is not set up for pregnant women. If you are happy to do the training, recognising that you will not be able to take part in most of the yoga or meditation. I am fine with that, but if your delivery date spans the training I am not allowing newborns on the course. We discuss deeply emotive and unpleasant topics. The environment is not suitable for a nursing mother or small baby.

Can I pay in instalments? Yes, you can build up your fees with me over a period of months prior to the end of the course, but cannot take the last module if you have debts outstanding.

If I miss a module can I still certify? If you want to take the exam you must do all the modules. They are the same on each delivery, so you can catch up on the next training.

I am travelling from outside London. Is there a cheap place to stay? I travel in from Sanderstead each day, it is 23 minutes on the train. There are B&b’s close by, which are much cheaper than staying in London. If you want to be in the centre of town, look at for cheap hotels.

What is the nearest airport to the location? Gatwick, with a direct train to Victoria which is a three minute walk from the training location.

Email me for more information   Recovery: A life worth living.

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