Where to start here? The list of drugs has become so long, the consequences from some of them, so appalling, yet the route of all of us looking to master the addictive personality, coming to a point where we will sit and consider changing ourselves, will have been emotionally painful, shame filled and although the stories can be hilariously funny, the overview of drug addiction is sordid and strewn with experiences that all of us would prefer not to ever have to repeat.

As with alcoholism and the different types of alcohol, each drug has a different effect on the mind, body and nervous system. The component parts that make up the experience and the ensuing addiction each wreak a different type of havoc on us.

Then of course there are prescription drugs. The ones that are considered legal. The shame is no less, the effects no smaller, but the veneer of respectability greater.

There is no stereotype drug addict. The words instantly form all kinds of stereo typical images for most and the image is not one that any of us can identify with, but whatever your drug of choice, if you are suffering emotionally because of the overuse or the effects of the addiction in your life then you can safely call yourself an addict.

Recovery is about getting real and honest with ourselves about our addiction, our using and the consequences.

Consequences go both ways, not just onto us. We affect others, too, with our behaviour and the most challenging part of recovery is making sure that we and our close friends and family can allow and support the changes that we need to make to ourselves, our behaviour and their perceptions of us as we grow.

Putting down the drugs may not reverse all the damage done to the body, the nervous system and the thinking processes, but there is a huge amount you can do to regain health, mental clarity, emotional stability and freedom from active addiction.

Over the building texts on this website you will find a wealth of information for recovery. Tools, postures, dietary advice, meditations and much, much more.

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