Who am I? Good question. What qualifies me to host a site about the addictive personality? I am clean and sober from drugs alcohol, gambling and cigarettes since 1991. “Sex addiction recovery” which was in fact recovery from childhood experiences, started in 1996, sugar, June 2010, caffeine is sadly still a work in progress…. My journey has been an intense learning curve and my humanity, very real. I am far from perfect, I fail, I fall, I have really bad days, I rise up again, but I have kept to my recovery in every aspect of my life. My journey started in Dublin, in NA and has progressed through various different fellowships of 12 Step recovery including SAA, AA, DA, GA. I have also become a Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer in recovery and this steep learning curve has affected my recovery hugely. I am a psychosexual and relationship therapist, and am a counsellor specialising in addiction recovery, trauma, pre & post-natal issues, the spiritual journey, female empowerment and sexual abuse recovery. So I am multi-layered in my approach to recovery, spiritual practice and experience. All of this will be reflected in the various types of blog, video, links and texts that you will encounter on this site as it builds.

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